About Fashailles

After losing my first small business in Lashes & Brows during the covid-19 pandemic at the end of 2021, I was not ready to give up having a own business. It was my biggest dream since i was little to start my own business. On January 20th i got the biggest inspiration thanks to my fiance. 

Gladly to introduce to you FASHAILLES. The name is a combination of Fashion & Versailles. Inspired by the engagement of love on august 8 2020 in the beautiful Chateau Versailles. A place that is not only full of histories, but has also so many details and romance. It reminds us of what real happiness and love means.

Our collection of jewellery, hair accessories and fashion has a inspiring look of the french style and will have a lot of influence with the histories of Chateau Versailles. Her biggest fashion icon like King Louis XIV and Queen Marie Antoinette. We hope you will love our collection as much as we do and get the FASHAILLES experience.

With love,
Mark and Trish.

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